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Itís no secret that there have been serious concerns since the 1990s about the salmon run on the Wye (now subject to a compulsory catch and release order for the whole season) and to a lesser extent on the Usk. Generally speaking, the fishing in the upper and middle parts of the Wye suffered more than the lower. Over the last years, the Wye and Usk Foundation has undertaken work with various funding partners to improve the habitat and remove obstructions to re-open spawning grounds. This programme seems to have been successful as catches are increasing again, but at the same time we have less control and perhaps even less understanding about what is happening out at sea affecting the growth of different classes of salmon. Right now (2016) we are feeling cautiously optimistic as we do seem to be experiencing a steady and encouraging increase in numbers, particularly with the spring run of larger fish for which the Wye was always famous. This is at a time when other British rivers are struggling. If you would like to get in touch, I would be very happy to give you the latest information and any advice I can.

Pictures here from earlier times - one on the spinner and one on the fly, from under the battlements of Goodrich Castle. Today, catch and release is mandatory at all times on the Wye and until 15 June on the Usk. In the circumstances, we advocate release of salmon at all times.