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Angling Trust licensed Game Fishing coach Guide for the Wye, Usk & tributaries

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I have had a passion for fishing all my life and I get a particular pleasure from talking and writing about the sport - you may have seen some of my articles in Trout Fisherman and Total Fly Fisher magazines. The charm of angling is that it is a never-ending journey in which we never stop learning.

Good anglers are always on the lookout for new tips and new information. In a culture where we are all learning, there is always time for a beginner and an hour or two of coaching when you begin to cast will avoid the development of bad habits and save you a lot of wasted time later. Even if you are an experienced fly fisher, you may benefit by having your basic casts checked out and possibly want to learn some more advanced ones. Finally, if you have experience on still water, but now wish to fish rivers, there is a huge amount of watercraft to be learned and a few lessons will short-circuit that process. There is a lot more to fly fishing than casting.

I hold a level 2 Certificate in Coaching Angling (Game) and I am licensed as a coach by the Angling Trust. This includes training in first aid and child protection, CRB check and of course insurance.